Get The Best TV Wall Mount From Tiger Mount!

  • July 18, 2017

What is TV wall mount?

TV wall mount is one of the greatest innovations of all times. You can wave goodbye to messy wires surrounding the TV cabinet. You can now remove the bulky cabinet that was crowding the living area. You can now hang your TV. Yes, that is right. You can now use TV wall mount to mount your TV on the wall of your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom or wherever it is that you fancy. There are various types of TV wall mounts such as full motion TV brackets, moveable TV brackets, fixed TV mounts, tilt TV mounts and Swivel TV mounts. One that seems to have garnered the attention and liking of many people is the TV wall mount bracket in Singapore. The advantages of using TV wall mount bracket in Singapore are plenty. TV wall mount brackets in Singapore saves space. Free space means less clutter and more space to be utilised. Next, your TV will be less exposed to damages and will cause fewer damages. This is more so if there are children or clumsy grown-ups in your house. Lastly, it gives the feel of a home cinema. All you need is popcorn and you are set to go!

Tiger Mount

We provide high quality TV wall mounts such as Fixed Mount, Tilting Mount, Single Arm, Double Arm, Ceiling Mount, TV Mobile Stand, Gas Strut TV Mount, and Desktop Monitor Mount. We are one of the leading providers of TV wall mount bracket in Singapore and we are highly favoured by Singaporeans since our service is fast, efficient and dust-free. We also provide free consultation service to enlighten you on related issues.

Client Testimonials

‘Very pleasant transaction and good service by them. Came on time as promised, professional installing and fixing bracket without any dust while drilling. Overall satisfied with them. Don’t hesitate to engage their service. Good job, keep it up!’- Khal Kite. ‘Called them today and in like an hour they were at my place because as luck has it they were in the area. Very nice people, secured my TV well and fact!! Thank you for your efficiency.’- Jen Wang. ‘Excellent service and quality installation from Bryan. Price affordable too. Am glad to have sought their services! Cheers!’ – Daniel Ng