Should I get a Single Arm or Double Arm Full Motion TV Mount?

  • August 3, 2019

single arm tv mount
Deciding between a single arm and a double arm full motion TV mount is actually a relatively simple task. But first, let’s get down to some fundamentals behind the TV wall mount and see the bigger picture (no pun intended).

Point Of View 

A full-motion TV mount offers you a wide range of movements such as panning, swing, tilt and even depth – the distance from the wall. As a result, you get to experience multi-dimensional viewing from its wide range of movement. Both versions of full-motion mounts, single-arm, and double-arm, offer similar flexibility and have the same degree of mobility, that is, the number of ways the mount can be adjusted. As a matter of fact, both the single-arm mount and double-arm mounts are equally perfect for positioning a TV or monitor in the corner of a room, as the 160-180 degree flexibility present in both mounts allows the screen to point to any position in the room. And with both types of mounts, you can also tilt your flat panel TV up or down to get the best viewing angle that suits your position. It is very useful especially if your favourite seat is an adjustable lazy chair or sofa.

More To It Than Meets The Eye

Another advantage of having a tilt function is that in some situations in brightly lit rooms or where the TV panel is set up beside a window, bright light or sunlight can reflect off your TV screen causing glare that makes viewing unpleasant. Now with a full-motion TV bracket, you can control the level of glare by merely using the tilt feature to adjust the angle of view and remedy the situation accordingly.

One Arm. Two Arms.

The main difference between a single-arm mount and a double-arm mount is no secret – its the design.  A double arm mount comes with two arms, protruding from the bracket, which holds the mount attached to the back of the TV. This extra arm gives the double-arm mount a greater load-bearing capacity. A single-arm mount has only one such arm and is definitely easier to position whilst a double-arm mount will take a bit more work to fold flat again. With the double-arm design, I would think that if you were moving it a lot, you are likely to find it rather bothersome. If I were doing this daily the single-arm mount would certainly be the preferred choice.

Should I Get A Single Arm Or Double Arm Full Motion TV Mount?

There are certain intrinsic features relating to the single and double arm full motion TV mount that you should take note of before you purchase either one. A double arm full motion TV mount is designed to take a greater weight of up to 200lbs. They are very reliable and are meant for larger heavier TV screens. These are heavy-duty products. A double arm full motion TV mount is recommended for commercial applications where there are higher chances of abuse and mishandling. A single-arm full motion TV mount is suitable for home use; though it is lighter it offers similar flexibility and has the same degree of mobility as a double-arm mount. And it is definitely easier to handle – suitable for ladies and smaller people. In Singapore, you need not have to worry about the compatibility of your TV with our mounts, single or double, as TVs designed and manufactured since 2005 (14 years ago) are VESA compliant. So it’s clear that the decision to choose either a single arm or double arm full motion TV mount lies in the size and weight of your TV screen. The basic idea here is to buy a mount that would serve you best, regardless of whether you need it for domestic or commercial use.

Know Your Requirements

We’ve gone over some of the basic things to consider when deciding whether to invest in a single or double arm full motion tv mount. And to help you prepare for a meeting with our TV mount professionals, we suggest taking the following steps:
  1. Find out the dimension and weight of your TV screen. Take a picture of it on your smartphone, in particular, the back, of course. If you have a flyer or brochure, bring it with you when you meet our consultant.
  2. Take a picture of the desired wall position where the screen will eventually be mounted. Include the surrounding areas and the various POVs.
These details can greatly help us in advising you with the right choice of a TV wall mount. For Tiger Mount TV installation service or consultation, contact our professional consultants at 9424 6649, and we look forward to being of service to you!