Here’s Why Full-Motion TV Mounts are Perfect for Any Room

  • February 5, 2021

Traditionally, TVs have either been placed standing on TV consoles, or else mounted to mounting plates on walls that, at most, offer tilting in one dimension–up and down. This has been sufficient for most people in many situations in the past. After all, if the family gathers in front of the TV to watch a show, how much does the TV need to move?

However, today, TVs need to move much more, as our usage patterns have changed. Where and when we watch and use TVs have changed, and our TVs have to be able to shift around more to accommodate our more varied usage.

For example, we may want to watch our Netflix as we do our chores. Or we may want to install our TV on the ceiling in our bedroom. Or we want to use the TV in the company conference room for creative presentations. A typical TV mount can’t meet all these demands. Here’s why full-motion TV mounts work best for these purposes.

They permit more movement and flexibility

Unlike a typical wall mount, which typically only allows movement in two directions–up or down, a full-motion TV mount allows movement in six directions–up and down, forwards and backwards, as well as left and right. This means your TV can face in multiple directions to allow usage in variable positions–or even allow your TV to move with you.

This is especially useful when you may need to use your TV dynamically–for example, in a presentation where you rotate the TV to different people to show relevant data to them.

They permit more TV installation positions and possibilities

Because of its wider range of movement, a full-motion TV mount allows you more possibilities for installation. You don’t have to place it necessarily at eye level, or in line with your viewing position, if you can’t afford it. This allows you to overcome space constraints by ensuring there is a larger area from which your TV may be visible.

They look cool

There’s one thing we mustn’t discount about full-motion TV mounts, and that’s how great they look. The metal finishings and moving parts can make any ordinary TV look futuristic as you move and swivel it to the desired position, too!

Installing a Full Motion TV Mount

A full motion TV mount is not something you should try to DIY, as it is more complex than your run-of-the-mill TV mounts. You will need to look for experts in TV mount installation like Tigermount to ensure that your TV is mounted strongly and correctly. With both single-arm and double-arm full-motion mounts available, you should get in touch with them to find out which suits your needs best, and ensure you have the perfect installation for maximum visual effect!