Home Theatre Setup Experience in your Living Room

  • March 15, 2022

Experience the most immersive home theatre experience in the comfort of your own home. With current restrictions and the rise of cases, many are opting to stream online for movies instead. Here are ways we can bring cinema to your living room with some tips on setting up the best home theatre in your HDB flat.

What are the essential items for an ultimate home theatre?


1.   An AV receiver 

What makes a cinema so dramatic and experiential is the quality of sound and image. A critical component of a home theatre is an AV receiver. It drives the speakers, switches audio and video components, putting everything together to bring you the best theatre experience.  

2.   TV or a projector

 Home theatre experiences are best when the TV is installed in the ideal location and used with the correct bracket.  Consider a projector or a TV for your home theatre depending on the location and your preferences. When dealing with light, 4K and HDR TVs can offer a sharper image, while projectors can give a wider screen and are easier on the eyes. As compared to a TV, a projector is more flexible and portable. If you are leaning towards installing a projector, mount your projector and run your HDMI cable through the ceiling. For a TV, use a TV wall mount to achieve a more modern look to the room as well as a better viewing angle.  

3.   Speakers and/or subwoofer

Install more than two speakers for immersive surround sound effect. To enhance your cinematic experience to the fullest, a 5.1 setup is recommended: 5 speakers and a subwoofer to balance out the bass. Place two speakers behind your sofa, two more at the sides of the TV, and one at the centre of the TV. Pro tips: To experience deep surround sound, opt for 7.1 speakers set up in a larger room.  

4.   An interior design specialist

Engage professionals to design and install your home theatre properly from the onset. Professionals will advise you on what your house can accommodate and how to achieve the best results within your budget. If any issues arise, they will be the go-to solution provider. TigerMount can help to improve your cinema experience by mounting the TV on the wall in the most suitable manner for your living room. Our qualified and experienced professionals can assist you with television installation in Singapore within 30 minutes. Talk to us about which TV wall mount suits your design intent best.  

What should the environment of a home theatre be like?

For the ultimate home entertainment experience, the room should ideally be square with little to no light penetration. Most of the time, the living room is the most appropriate place since it is a communal gathering space. Now how do you turn your living room into the best home theatre? Here are a few tips:  

1.   Darkening the room

Painting the wall to a dark colour (such as black, grey, brown, etc. ) will make the pictures on the screen look clearer due to the contrast. It is important that a ceiling-mounted projector be placed on a dark, matte-finish wall to reduce reflections. Also, using blackout curtains will enhance your movie-watching experience, even during the day. Despite the glaring sunlight, you will be able to relax and enjoy your movie more in the darker room.  

2.   Have dimming or adjustable lights

Lighting that is welcoming and cosy allows you to relax. Proper lighting can make or break your movie experience. If the light is too bright, you would have to squint. If it’s too dark, you would not be able to walk without hitting the furniture. Despite the price tag, smart lighting will make you feel as if you’re watching a movie in a completely different world. A HDB living room can be transformed into an immersive home theatre. All it takes is the right plan, accessories, and expertise. Begin your home theatre experience by contacting TigerMount to discuss the ideal mounting option for your TV.