How To Install A TV Wall Bracket In Your Home

  • December 4, 2016

Traditional TV stands and racks are now replaced with TV brackets. As science and technology brought modern appliance and changed our homes and public places environment, there was a need of change in the installation and setup of modern TV sets. So TV brackets have the ability to make a good solution for our expensive and advance TV sets.

TV Wall Bracket

If you are looking to get a TV wall bracket for your already bought set or for new one, you will probably need some basic info about them. TV brackets come in different types, shapes, size and qualities. Starting from a flat TV bracket, they span over ceiling TV bracket, tilting TV bracket, LCD TV brackets, desktop monitor brackets, speaker brackets and plasma TV brackets and also with various dimensions. For example, there are different products available according to the type of your TV set. So you will need to note the type of your TV set, weight and its dimensions. Moreover, look for the attachment points available on your set to install it with a bracket.

Flat TV wall brackets are easier to install as compared to all other types. So following are some quick steps to follow while installing a simple TV wall bracket. First of all make a list of items you will need for this purpose. Note that your TV set will be mounted on wall or ceiling and if the brackets is fixed firmly, it will effectively take the load of your TV set.

  • Level
  • Screwdrivers
  • Stud finder
  • Drill with bits (as per requirement)
  • Lag bolts and washers
  • Socket wrench

Five Step Installations

Choose a suitable location to mount your TV set. A location which is suitable and don’t interfere with the room’s interior decoration.

If your chosen location already has a cable chasing point available, you can use it. In other cases, you have two options, either to make new chasing to hide the cable or to use a cable management. New chasing will cost you a new wall plaster and decoration set up. There are three type of cable management products are available. The wall cable cover, angled wall cable cover and cable sock could be used as a cable management solution.

Now we have things set up and can go to mount the wall bracket. Mark the location and check the exact alignment with the help of level. Alignment is very important otherwise you will notice this mistake at the end of the work. And it will look non professional work.

Using the stud finder, mark the points to be drilled. Drill the holes on these points according to the size of bolts. You will need the bit, same in the size of the bolt. Re check the level before installing the bracket.

Now everything is up and brings the bracket to fix in the wall. Using socket wrench, tighten the bolts to secure the bracket in the wall. Note that you should install washers with bolts.

This method could also be used for the angled wall brackets, tilting wall brackets, ceiling brackets, speaker brackets and desktop monitor brackets.