How to Prepare Your Office for Hybrid Working with the Right Desktop Monitor Mount?

  • April 5, 2022

Hybrid working is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s generation, and offices must be prepared to accommodate this trend to be productive and relevant in an ever-changing situation. With the recent news in Singapore that 75% of employees can go back to work, you now have the chance to fix your office setup. This will ensure that every employee feels included even when they are away from the office. Listed below are some steps you can take to boost your team’s productivity as well as choosing the right desktop monitor mount.  

1.    Dedicate co-meeting spaces

The office is now more of a space for face-to-face collaboration and communications that everyone needs, after a long time of watching others on screens. Thus, a place that is conducive to efficient and effective collaboration is vital. Establish an environment in which 1:1 meetings can be conducted. It may be as simple as placing couches or a coffee table around the office to provide opportunities for interaction between employees. In addition, soundproof call booths or areas can be provided so that the sales department can communicate with their clients without disturbing others. Technology and tools are also crucial to collaborating and connecting with your team members at home. This leads us to our next point.  

2.    Ensure all spaces have video conferencing set-ups

A quality video conferencing set-up at all meeting locations would improve communications within your team. It is essential to have a strong internet connection, video calling software such as Zoom (be sure to get the appropriate license so that the meeting doesn’t end halfway through), Google Meet, a webcam with speakers, and a TV to present the meeting to the attendees. The right tools can turn a small meeting room into a conference room as well. In an ideal conference room, no matter how small, a TV should be available for broadcasting your presentations and allowing effective collaboration. Use full-motion TV brackets that let you turn the TV in any direction, ensuring maximum clarity for all employees, regardless of where they are in the room.  

3.    Fully Equipped Desks

In an era when everything is done on computers, from communicating with our team to our clients, having a fully equipped desk table for your employees will be very useful. Here are some things you might consider:
  • Mounted Desktop Monitor
You can improve your employees’ performance by giving them a wider screen to work on. Squinting to compare data and dealing with window management problems would be eliminated and would save a lot of time. At TigerMount, we can help you find the right desktop monitor mount in Singapore with the assistance of our professionals. You can also find a variety of high-quality TV mobile stands with us.
  • Power plugs
Having power outlets around their desks would allow them to focus on their work more effectively. The laptop’s chances of shutting down at an important meeting are also diminished.
  • Convertible wires
Wires like these would ensure that your employees can use all equipment including mounted desktop monitors and HDMIs, regardless of the type of computer they use.  

4.    Have A Cloudbase System

Working systems that are cloud-based are critical in this uncertain period. Cloud-based systems let everyone in the company stay connected, even if they work from home (WFH) or hybrid. With cloud-based applications, your remote employees can access data on-demand and manage it on a real-time basis. Enhance your office productivity by choosing tools such as TV mounts and monitor mounts. With TigerMount, you can choose quality products that suit any need. Schedule an appointment with us so we can not only help you determine which TV bracket is right for your workplace but also help you install it.