How to Set Up A Child-Safe TV

  • May 5, 2021

Many of us have children at home, and the attractiveness of the TV to the little ones is well-known. Despite the fact that young children should have as little screen time as possible, being able to put on a show or a Youtube video to occupy them while you escape to do the chores you need to do around the house is a godsend. 

Given that TVs will continue to play an important role in the house, how do you ensure that your TV is safe for your children to use? Here are some simple tips you can use to set up a TV that is child-safe and child-proof, to ensure you can supervise what they watch, and protect them from harm.

  1. Ensure a Good Distance

Did you know that it’s actually a myth that sitting close to a TV will damage your eyes? There is no scientific evidence that this is true. Nevertheless, for viewing comfort, safety, and to take in the whole screen, you should position your television a safe distance away from your kids. A good rule of thumb to follow is to ensure your TV is 5 times the distance from the viewing location as the measurement of your TV’s width.

  1. Mount the TV Safely

If your television is a relatively small or light one that can easily be toppled, or indeed if it is a large screen that can cause serious injury if it falls, you should refrain from standing your TV on a low console or table within reach of young children, as their curiosity may lead to them pulling the TV down on themselves. 

Mounting your TV higher on the wall and out of their reach is the way to go in this situation. The safest mount to use would be a fixed mount from Tigermount, which keeps your TV flush against the wall and firmly anchored. If you plan to install it high enough that children cannot reach it at all, you may also want to consider Tigermount’s tilting mount, which allows you to incline the TV downwards for comfortable viewing without glare.

  1. Install a Parental Lock

Ultimately, while physically siting your TV safely in your living room is important, it’s also important to ensure your children cannot freely access potentially unsafe content. With more and more smart TVs in use today, you should use the built-in parental lock functions built into many of these TVs to ensure you can watch them. 

If you’re looking to install a good, safe TV mount for your TV, and want the installation to be in the safest of hands, look no further than Tigermount. Our experts have installed thousands of TV mounts of all configurations, and are always ready to make you a satisfied customer! Get in touch with us today for a personalised recommendation and quote!