How to Up your Game With The Perfect Gaming Rig Setup

  • December 10, 2020

We play computer games to relax and enjoy–so it’s important that even in the midst of a tense boss fight, we are entirely comfortable with how our computer is setup and performing. Here are some of the things you can’t miss out in your gaming setup for an enjoyable and exciting gaming session!

1)  A powerful processor

That you need a good graphics card goes without saying, but did you know that a good graphics card and a slow processor can still result in lag? This is especially for games that rely more on computing power than graphics, such as strategy games.

2)  Good cooling

If you’re serious about gaming, you’ll have gotten a tower CPU that’s been built and customised by someone, instead of an off-the-shelf product. In that case, ensure that it can run at maximum efficiency with a liquid-cooling system that keeps your components cool, and more importantly, works silently so the sound of fans doesn’t interrupt your game.

3)  Comfortable gaming chair

For maximum gaming enjoyment, a comfortable chair is crucial, especially if you’re going to spend long hours in front of the screen. Get a specialised gaming chair, with cushioning that cocoons you comfortably, and allows you to lean back and rest your arms in order to relax even as you play. There’s no enjoyment, and you won’t last long, if you’re scrunched up and suffering from a backache as you play!

4)  Multiple monitors

Whether you’re specialising in FPS (first-person shooters) or other computer games, having more than one monitor enables you to get the most out of your game. In FPS, 2 or even 3 monitor setups give you a wider field of vision, ensuring you’ll get that kill or spot a flanking danger earlier. Alternatively, you can play on one screen and use the other screens for other purposes, like pulling up your Discord or Twitch window, or googling RPG (role-playing game) walkthroughs if you’re a completionist.

Of course, a multi-monitor setup also means you need a multi-monitor mounting setup. Your flanking monitors should be facing slightly inwards to ensure minimal visual distortion from perspective, as well as minimising of light reflections. For that, a flexible mount like a single arm full motion mount would be ideal to give your monitors the range of motion they need to be adjusted to your comfort.

Given how your monitors are the sole way you get to experience your game, a good, clear setup is absolutely crucial. For all your monitor mounting needs, Tigermount has a wide range of solutions available for your rig and setup. Contact us for a consultation and quote today!