How to Use a Stud Finder to Install Your TV Mount

  • February 25, 2021

Most of the HDB flats built in the last few years now use pre-fabricated wall segments that are primarily made up of hollow drywall panels, given strength and rigidity by wooden beams, or studs, that form a grid behind the panels.

This now means that most of each wall cannot support the weight of heavy objects, as drywall crumbles very easily. If you plan to install your TV mount yourself, you’re going to need to find where the studs are in your wall, and anchor your mount in those studs. Here’s how to use a stud finder to do that.

1)  Buy or borrow a stud finder

The first step is to get a stud finder. Get one that’s also center-finding, because it will show you the edges of the stud and ensure your mounting screws are solidly embedded in the middle of the stud and not glacing off the edge.

2)  Decide where you want your TV mount to hang

Choose your ideal spot for mounting. Mark out where you would like the top of your TV to be, and work downwards to mark where your mounting screws would be. The projected screw holes will be your reference point for stud finding.

3)  Prepare the wall

Prepare the wall by removing all metallic objects or wall-mounted items in the vicinity of your mounting area, to prevent them from interfering with the readings of your stud finder.

4)  Check the batteries

Ensure your stud finder’s batteries are full, as weak batteries can give completely inaccurate readings.

5)  Calibrate your stud finder

Hold your stud finder flat against the wall, and start its calibration mode. Start about 30-40cm to the left of where you want your TV mount to go.

6)  Search for studs

Once the stud finder is calibrated, slide the stud finder horizontally to the right, keeping it flat on the wall. As the stud finder passes over a stud, it will inform youMark it out. Keep looking for studs until your mounting area is covered and marked.

7)  Drill in and install your mount

After this, adjust your TV mount location to account for where the marked studs actually are, and ensure each screw goes solidly into a stud. Once you’ve done that, you can drill into the stud and screw in your TV mounting plate.

Or… just let the experts handle it.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Apart from the expense of buying a stud finder, there’s the trouble of doing it yourself, and the risk of getting it wrong and having your nice new flat TV come crashing down onto the floor. Why not leave it to the experts at Tigermount? With our reliable and trusted service, we’ll help you find the right TV mount, and install it firmly and safely for you as well! Get in touch with us for your TV mount installation today!