The Immense Usefulness Of A Full Motion TV Bracket

  • April 17, 2018

What is a full motion TV bracket?
You may be used to positioning your TV in any one of the more conventional ways. This can include a simple fixed mount or the more typical approach of not having a mount at all – simply using the TV’s legs to perch it atop a ledge. However, it could be a great choice to consider one of many more advanced types of TV mounts. These more advanced TV mounts will allow you greater flexibility in the way you position your TV. This can be a significant step up in terms of both aesthetics and usability.

What you will get from utilising a full motion TV bracket
A setup without a mount will mean that users will find it difficult to change the viewing angle of the TV in question. This is especially the case for those using a TV without a mount, resting the TV upon its legs. The TV’s legs often have a limited angle of tilt. Hence, users will find that such a setup will be unable to accommodate a large range of viewing angles. Furthermore, the use of a mountless setup has a further difficulty as it is often cumbersome and difficult to adjust. A mount will circumvent this problem by offering flexibility and ease of use.

Why a full motion TV bracket can be even better than other types of mounts
This type of mount can be contrasted with a different type of mount that does not allow motion. This is known as a fixed mount and we at Tiger Mount do also offer supply and installation services for these types of mounts. However, the use of a full motion mount can be even better than a fixed mount under certain circumstances, depending on the customer’s individual use case. A fixed mount is aesthetically pleasing as it lies closest to the wall, but a full motion mount can have the same effect if it is adjusted to lie closer to the wall. The full motion mount then has an advantage as it allows for a degree of adjustability that the fixed mount lacks.

Things you should know before buying a TV mount
First, in order to determine the type of TV mount that is suitable for your TV, your TV needs to possess VESA Mount Compatibility. This can be ascertained by searching up the model of your TV online. Most of the TVs sold in Singapore are indeed compatible with our mounts, and therefore, if you have purchased your TV in Singapore, it will mean that our mounts are suitable.

How to purchase a full motion TV bracket from Tiger Mount
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