Important Things to Look for When Buying a TV Stand

  • November 15, 2019

Buying a TV Stand
When you watch television, you want to make sure you can see the display without getting a crick in your neck. A television stand can help you do just that. However, not all stands are created equal. If you’re on the market for a TV stand Singapore, there are many things you should take into consideration. Stand size matters The size of your television display is an important thing to consider when purchasing a TV stand. Every stand on the market is designed to hold a certain weight and size. Mounting a large television on a small stand is dangerous. Placing too much weight on a stand may cause it to topple over. And if a heavy television lands on an unsuspecting viewer, you may find yourself having to make a trip to the hospital. Before you decide on a TV stand Singapore, double-check the specifications of the unit. Make sure your television falls within the designated weight and size. Every model should clearly state a load capacity. The smaller table stands usually hold around 35kg, while larger models can support up to 45kg. Mobile vs. fixed Think about where you plan on watching television. Will it stay in a single room, or do you want to have the ability to move it around? Depending on your preferences, you need to decide between a fixed stand and a mobile one. Fixed TV stands are usually placed on a solid table. They are compact enough to fit on most entertainment consoles without taking up too much space. These models are ideal if you plan on leaving your television in one room. If you want the freedom to move your television to different areas of your home, then a TV mobile stands in Singapore is a better option. These stands come with attached wheels. When not in use, the wheels lock into place, so you don’t have to worry about your stand rolling away. Height and tilt Do you always watch TV at the same angle? If you’re like many users, you sit in different positions when watching TV. When buying a new TV stand, you should ask whether it is adjustable or not. Many table stands are fixed and do not tilt forward or back. The height of a table stand is dependent on the console. However, many stands on wheels do adjust. You can change the height depending on the room and audience. Some even tilt, but others do not have a tilt or swivel. Be sure to ask about the exact specifications before choosing a model. Stand aesthetics All television stands look different. Before you purchase one, make sure it blends in with the aesthetics of your room. Black is the most popular colour for television stands. Many are made out of SPCC with a durable coating. This finish blends in nicely with any décor. Table stands are the least obtrusive in a room. They take up very little space on the countertop, and you may not even notice the stand behind the TV display. Since table stands are fixed, you won’t see the brackets. Rolling stands, on the other hand, are more noticeable. No matter where you place it, you will always see the base of the stand and the wheels. However, these mobile stands have a slim, streamlined appearance. Mounting your television to a stand will improve the aesthetics of your room. Lifting the TV reduces clutter and will make your room flow better. Added features Depending on how much you use your television, you may be interested in learning about the additional features of many stands. If you watch a lot of movies, look for a TV mobile stand Singapore with a DVD tray. You can easily transport your DVD player from room to room without disconnecting from the television. Other models feature another adjustable shelf. Feel free to use this shelf to hold cables, a laptop, or even your phone charger. Since cables quickly get intertwined and tangled, consider looking for a stand with a cable management feature. Many mobiles stand store cables inside the pole. Not only does this improve the aesthetics of the piece, but it’s also an added safety feature. Cable management means you won’t have to worry about curious hands pulling or playing with any loose cords. There’s a TV stand for everyone With so many different features and benefits, you’re sure to find a television stand that suits your needs. Whether you choose a table stand or a stand on wheels, you’re investing in something that will protect your TV and improve your viewing experience.