The Latest Wall Bracket Products To Check Out

  • September 29, 2016

Have you lately invested in a television set? If so, then it would be a good idea to safeguard your latest purchase with a sturdy TV bracket in Singapore. There are a lot of options which you can pick from, and it’s highly advisable for you to inquire about them at a top and trustworthy wall bracket supplier. Here are just a few of the items which you must have a look through:

Various sizes of Fixed Mounts

Depending on the size of your television set, there are already a couple of TV wall mount selections which you can choose from. Their standard sizes include Small, Medium and Large. They’re made of an ultra-thin material with a steel coated finish. They typically have a powder coating finish which comes with a black color.

Go for flexibility with Tilting Mounts

A tilting mount has the flexibility to ensure your viewing angle will not be compromised. When sold through a supplier which specializes in TV brackets at Singapore, they’re mostly available in large and extra large sizes. A tilting mount typically has the capacity to hold a 50-inch, up to 90-inch television set.

TV mobile stands

Do you own a commercial establishment, where you’ll need to have an audiovisual piece shown in various areas? If you’d like to save some budget by purchasing a couple of television sets, then a sturdy mobile stand would be a much better option for you to pick. These mostly have reliable features which include a tilt swivel, wheel lock, DVD shelf and many more. Be sure to also pick ones which can be adjusted, so you may still find them useful should you change a television unit. There are a lot of other TV wall mounting units which you can pick from, as you consider purchasing a mobile television unit. See which ones can best fit your investment soon.