Looking for a Good-Quality TV Mount? Here’s How to Find One

  • May 15, 2021

Many Singaporeans, to save space at home, often look for TV mounts in order to mount their screens up. However, with the sheer variety available in the market, finding one with a good quality, and ensuring that it gives you a positive user experience, can be difficult. We’ll show you how easy it can be to ensure you have a high-quality, hassle-free TV mount for your own uses.

Match your Mount to your Need

Firstly, to have the best user experience, even before we look at quality, you need to ensure you pick the right kind of TV mount. A fixed mount gives you the flattest profile for the simplest, most minimalist approach, but you may have issues reaching any ports at the back of the TV. Many TVs have HD ports installed along the bottom edge of the screen, so you may want a tilting mount instead, for easier access. 

On the other hand, some screens have their ports along other edges–such as along the side, for instance. In that case, you would need a full-motion arm mount in order to swing the TV out as needed for access, or for viewing versatility. 

Ensure the Materials are High-Quality

Having picked your mount, you should now inspect the mount and ascertain if its materials are of a good grade. Metallurgy may be beyond you, but the least you can do is to feel the metal and see if it either feels unnaturally light, or bends easily. 

Ensure your Mount Affords Post-Installation Adjustment

One of the things that sets a good mount apart from a mediocre one is the availability of adjustment options after installation. Nothing frustrates more than your having drilled all the necessary holes into the wall, only to find that the mount (and hence your TV) is only slightly crooked–just enough that you can’t drill a new hole as it would simply expand the current drill hole. 

Good TV mounts have holes that provide space for adjustment in every direction, so you can still rotate or shift your mount after installation to correct for any slight errors you made DIY. 

Speak to the Experts

Ultimately, for an enjoyable experience with your TV mount, you should speak to experts, who have more in-depth knowledge about the quality of TV mounts, and what you may need to look out for in order to ensure your present and future needs are met. At Tigermount, we help hundreds of satisfied customers across Singapore to find and install the best TV mounts for their rooms and offices. Get in touch today!