Low-Budget Creative Ways You Can Mount Your Tv In Hdb

  • March 5, 2022

Singapore’s HDB spaces are getting smaller, while design and renovation costs are increasing.

All that home-cinema, sleek but huge TVs to watch Netflix, need a sufficient amount of space to make the overall look and feel less cluttered. Since your TV is the focus of the living room, how do we design the space to accommodate TV brackets or mounts?

We have compiled a list of ways to organize your living room more aesthetically without breaking the bank. Also included are the key points to help you communicate effectively with your designer and contractors to design the apartment of your dreams.

For the modern minimalist, mount your TV on the wall

It may be more space-efficient to mount it up against a wall. You’d want to avoid TV consoles that look bulky and out-of-place in your living room. A great solution is to install TV mounts, do proper wire management and leave all the space for additional, hidden storage spaces or decorations. Make sure that it’s neat, clean and sleek without loud accent colours to achieve a modern-minimalist space.

Ceiling-mount your TV

Not only does it add more space to your small room, but the ceiling mount can rotate 360 degrees around. This enables full visibility for everyone in the room. No more shifting from left to right to see the TV during a family gathering! This option will allow you to forget about your limited space because the TV’s placement will create an ambiance of cleanliness and pleasantness.


Shelving around the TV area

Utilise all the space you can without your TV taking most of it. What about introducing extra storage spaces with multiple shelves around the TV? Display your personality with books, arts, and decorations on the shelves. If you don’t have enough cabinet space, this would be a great storage option.

Placing your TV at the corner

There is no rule that your TV has to be at the center of a wall. Maximize your space by using up the unused corner of the room. Especially, if you have many windows in the room, this can help to reduce the glare when the sunlight is very bright. Save money from buying new shades and still rocking a great flow in your living room.


DIY Sliding Panels

Don’t be afraid to place our TV as a minor component of your living room. Living rooms are much more than just places to watch TV. Using a rug, a wall mounting tool, some creativity, and a sprinkle of personality, you can create DIY sliding panels that can transform the living room into an inviting conversational space. You now have 2 designs of the living room, with or without a TV!


Tips when talking to your designers or contractors during TV installation in Singapore HDB

1. Know what you want

Can’t emphasise enough on how important this is.If you’d like to make your living room look more spacious, be up front with your designer. Often, people hire contractors to do something and then change their minds halfway through. Undoing what they have done is a big deal. In fact, it may cost you more money. From the TV wall mount, you want to know the exact location where it should be placed, you must know all the details.

2. Clarify your budget and timing early

Establish your budget and timeline early with your designers and contractors. Lead time and delays might affect your renovation end date. Know your stuff before speaking to them by reading up on tips and tricks on how to manage a home renovation. Make sure that you’re involved in important decision-making and the process of it. This will give you an opportunity to cut the budget where necessary.

3. Appoint the right contractors

As much as you want to save money, go with designers and contractors who align the same objectives as you. Not everything has to be DIY, sometimes turning to professionals can save you a ton of trouble in the future, making it more cost and time efficient.

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