Mount Or Stand? Which Gives Better TV Experience?

  • January 24, 2017

It can depend on the owner’s preference on where they should mount their TV sets. However, what we are looking at here is which setting can give the optimum experience to the viewer. The main purpose of a television set is to give information and for entertainment. Others even use it for security where they feed their CCTV cameras to their screens. Any good working television set serves their purpose whenever they were turned on. However, the whole viewing experience is what differentiates them. It all comes down to the convenience, comfort, viewing resolution, right placement and setting. Out of all these criteria, it is often advisable to check how and where the TV set will be placed first. So which suitable arrangement can give the best out of any TV experience? Here we take a look at which of these two most used mounting for televisions.

More Flexibility and Adjustments: TV Mobile Stand

It is always good to have flexibility on whichever setting can satisfy for the comfort of the viewers. Placing your Television set on a TV mobile stand gives that freedom to the users. A user can adjust the height of the screen and the overall position. They can even turn the set around if they wanted.

Space Saving: Wall Mounted

Mounting any capable furniture or appliance to the wall automatically gives extra space for you to move around. The fact that it won’t require any table or cabinet to contain a securely mounted furniture or appliance clears up some space for more possibilities.

Mobility: TV Mobile Stand

More movement means more freedom to choose which best part of the place it will be positioned for more viewing pleasure. There is a reason why people move their couches around the living room. It is because it gives them a new perspective and view for better relaxation. The same rules apply for a TV set.

Longer TV Life Span: Wall Mounted   

Electronics lasts longer being in a fixed position. Because it consist sensitive parts that are prone to break when exposed to a lot of outside elements from static electricity to simple dirt. Having a flat screen TV on a sturdy secured wall mounting guarantees longer lifespan. It lowers the possibility of shaking the set and secures its cords and other peripherals from being compromised.

More People Can Enjoy: TV Mobile Stand

 A TV Mobile Stand in Singapore is often used in schools and other public places with larger floor areas to tend more viewers. More viewers means better experience because It serves as a bonding moment for most people. That is the reason why we invite friends to come along to see a movie, sports matches, and other entertaining programs.