Our Options For Your Flat Screen TV Stand

  • May 13, 2016

Televisions have changed so much over the years. From black and whites, they became colored TVs. From bulky CRTs, they have evolved into sleek and shiny flat screen TVs. Along with the evolution of television sets is the evolution of the modern and stylish flat screen TV stand. Having the right TV stand will make your expensive flat TV stand out in any room. Aside from supporting the weight of the TV set, the many designs of the flat screen TV stand allows you to choose a piece of television furniture that will readily complement your needs as well as home decor.

The 1.6m TV stand with wheels offer classic space saving options that do not compromise style. Made from sturdy steel, this stand complements your massive flat screen with pride. As the name implies, this tv stand is a piece of television furniture that is designed to minimize space usage. It is designed to fit corners or smaller areas to maximize the use of your limited floor space. Also, this type of stand offers shelf storage space that can accommodate your gadgets like game consoles, amplifiers and speakers. If you are thinking of buying this kind of stand, you can have no worries in regards to storing your consoles.

The tilt swivel feature of our TV stands give you more flexibility in viewing angle adjustments. This feature is particularly handy, especially when you are entertaining guests who may have a different viewing angle preference. Also, this type of stand allows you to turn the television toward your area. This way, even if you are in another room, you can still have a glimpse at your flat TV.

When it comes to flat screen TV stand materials, steel is the most commonly used material since it is lasting and does not spoil easily. Against the rustic beauty of wood, these steel stands are great additions to your home. With this piece, you can instantly give your home an instant face lift and your flat screen TV a secure mount. Hence, our TV stands can give you the right combination of aesthetics and function.

Our 1.8 TV stand with wheels is one of the most recent additions to the selection of flat screen TV furniture. Similar to the 1.6m TV stands, this can accommodate larger flat screen tv ranging from 32″ to 65″. The taller height if this TV stand allows ease and convenience in organizing all the wires and connections of your bigger TVs and can withstand a much heavier weight if 50 kg.

The design of the flat screen TV stand also follows contemporary modes of style and your comfort. For instance, you can adjust the height accordingly to where you are most comfortable viewing. Plus, our Tv stands come with wheels locks to make sure that your TV stand will be fixed to whichever location you desire. This should tickle your fancy, especially when you are in the mood for sprucing up your home. Beyond aesthetics, other considerations like media storage and convenient access to wires are helpful in keeping your home entertainment center organized and neat.