How To Pick A TV Wall Mount

  • July 20, 2018

We have been enjoying televisions for many, many years, and this device has evolved from being bulky to be sleek and thin with a widescreen that you always wanted. Nowadays, instead of a TV stand, TV wall mounts and brackets are available to save you space and give your home an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. But with all the variations available, it is difficult to pick the one that suits your needs. Tiger Mount is a bracket supply and installation specialist in Singapore who offers a wide array of top-rated TV wall mounts and brackets for your mounting needs. But before that, here are the basic types of TV wall mount that you should be familiar with: Fixed Mount Fixed TV mount is sometimes called the low-profile mount. This type of mount compliments the sleek look of your TV by placing it close to the wall so it hangs like a piece of art. You can choose an ultrathin appearance, where super slim mounts are used to maximize space as well as to give your space a clean, simple, and minimalist look. A low-profile mount is recommended if you want to mount your TV at the optimal height for your viewing arrangement, which is at eye level. Fixed TV wall mount brackets are one of the most inexpensive mounts available but the easiest to set up as well. Tilting Mount Tilting mount lets you tilt your TV so you can still watch in whatever angle you’re in – whether you are playing video games on the floor, watching TV from your sofa, or working out to an exercise video. This gives you the option to mount your TV higher than eye level. With the tilting TV wall mount bracket, you can hang your TV at any height even above your eye level and still enjoy great picture by simply tilting your TV downward. Full Motion Mount Full motion mount lets you enjoy the optimum picture and colour quality from any seat. The full motion TV wall mount is perfect if you want most flexibility out of your mount because it offers a full range of movement. It allows you to tilt, swivel, rotate and extend your TV in varying degrees whether you are on the couch or even in an adjacent room. The full motion TV wall mount bracket is great if you want easy access to your wires or cables or want to reduce glare from windows and lights in the room. It is also great for maintaining optimum viewing angles no matter where you are in the room. Simply angle the mount to where you want it while you’re watching TV and when you’re done, you can place it flat against the wall again. These mounts are only the basic types of TV wall mounts and TV brackets. A lot of variations of these mounting brackets can be found at Tiger Mount, like the TV ceiling bracket, TV stand bracket, and many more to help you find the perfect TV wall bracket for you. Want to find out more? Get a free quote today by calling us at 9424 6649!