Reasons To Use A Desktop Monitor Mount In Singapore

  • August 21, 2018

Top Benefits Of Using The Desktop Monitor Mount in Singapore
With the increase in ownership of personal desktops, there is also an increased demand for the supporting tools. One such tool is the desktop monitor mount. Having a mount for your monitor has all the benefits and no downsides. Here are just some reasons why it is beneficial to get a desktop monitor mount, regardless of the layout of your workstation or the size or number of your monitors.

  1. Versatility
In addition to the usual settings of the monitor arm, such as height, depth and angle, many monitor arms allow you to switch from landscape to portrait mode or quickly adjust them. There are also options to have dual monitors to allow adjustment from a side-by-side configuration to stacked one over the other, both in portrait mode, both in landscape mode, or one of each. Monitor arms provide options that will allow you to customize every workstation to suit each individual working style. This is especially true if there are multiple users sharing the same work area.

  1. Space saving
A desktop monitor can take up valuable space on a desk especially if there are multiple monitors. With an ergonomic mount that is clamped to the back of a desk, a monitor mount will save space by allowing you to retract or extend the monitor according to your needs and allow more usable desk space. This will free up space and reduce clutter on a work desk, making it a more enjoyable working environment. The freedom to adjust the monitor allows one to better organise a workspace better to enhance working efficiency.

  1. Health Benefits.
A desktop monitor mount will allow you to adjust the height, depth, and in most cases, the angle of your monitor to get it at the most comfortable position. The more comfortable position of a monitor is to have the monitor at an arm’s length away from your eyes, with the monitor angled according to your sitting posture. You shouldn’t have to look up or down to view the screen, your neck should also be in a relaxed position. For people who spend every day looking at the desktop monitor, this provides an invaluable service that is beneficial to long-term health management. It will help to prevent straining your eyes and necks as well as to help with shoulder and neck pains. It will also help to fix poor sitting posture. You can contact us or call 9424 6649 today for more information!