Shopping for a TV: The Different Types and What to Look For

  • November 5, 2020

No home can be without a TV in Singapore, but if you’re shopping for one, sometimes it can be confusing as to what kind of TV to get. We’ll look at the major types of TV screen available on the market and talk about what they’re like.


LED screens are an update of the turn-of-the-century LCD screens. The LED technology was the first to allow highly efficient and compact TVs, allowing for narrow screens that result in flatter, more space-saving TVs.

Although its images are not the highest quality, being an earlier TV technology, LED TVs are now low in cost, and very versatile, and still a very practical choice for your home.


Plasma TVs use plasma gases sealed between 2 panes of glass to create images when charged with electricity. They produce vivid, accurate colours and stronger contrasts and vibrancy than LED screens–though this is at a higher price tag. Furthermore, plasma TVs are usually only restricted to larger sizes due to the cost and limitations of technology.

While more expensive than LEDs in general for common sizes, plasma TVs become more cost effective inch for inch at larger screen sizes. If you’re looking for a massive screen to show off in your TV cabinet or console, this is what you’ll want.


Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TVs are the big thing right now, the latest technology for TVs. Using organic materials such as carbon to emit light instead of bulkier LEDs, they make ultra-thin screens possible, and more importantly, flexible screens that can be curved.

OLED TVs have the deepest and brightest colours, and the crispest contrasts. They are also faster at processing images. In short, they are the gold standard in TVs right now, and the price matches that status. But while expensive at the moment, you’re getting quality that’s worth it.

Finding the Right Mount for your TV

So you’ve found the kind of TV you want to have in your home–but where will you install the TV, and how much visibility do you want it to have, from where in the house? You need to answer those questions for yourself.

Very often, these questions will require the use of a TV bracket or mount that will allow you to realise the design and user experience potential of your new TV. For example, you may want to wall-mount your TV in order to free up TV console space for players or game consoles. Or you may want a tilting mount to cater for the height difference.

Or let’s say you want your new TV to be visible from multiple rooms–such as both the hall and the kitchen while you’re cooking. If that’s the case, you may want to look out for a good single arm mount that allows you to swivel your TV around.

If you’re mounting your TV, you need to look carefully for a good supplier of dependable TV mounts and brackets, especially if you’re buying a big screen like an 80-inch plasma, which costs a whopper and weighs a fair bit too. Tigermount’s wide range of mounts and brackets provide you with endless installation options for your LCD, LED and plasma TVs anywhere in your home–or office.