The Evolution Of Television

  • July 30, 2016

There is no need to go too far back in time to know that televisions have evolved drastically. For the past two decades, the evolution of televisions has been steady and consistent. The ancestor of the sleek and slim high definition televisions mounted against the wall today is the three-inch screen Octagon. Soon after, the commercialization of televisions begun and televisions became the radios that one could actually see. Televisions in yesteryears came with cabinets which hide the screen when not in use. Not to mention, televisions with built-in legs made their appearances as well. Televisions are no more black protruding boxes. They are now smart and sleek. They do not have built-in legs or cabinet doors. They now hang against the wall adding value to the house. Televisions have become a necessity in Singapore. People resort to televisions to clear their mind off work haze and to reboot their systems after hours of slouching in offices. So, it is natural that the evolution of televisions now features the latest craze which are TV mounts and TV brackets. There are now many specialists in Singapore when it comes to the installation of TV wall mounts of all LCD/LED and plasma TVs.  Just mention TV brackets, TV wall mounts, TV installations or TV mobile stands and everyone in Singapore has a company they know or recommend. Such is the high demand for TV stand installation services in Singapore. What are TV mounts? TV mounts are tools which allow your TV to hang on the wall of your house. So, with your mounted TV, your house will now provide a cinema-like experience .You can now enjoy your home theatre sitting on your couch feet up. These TV mounts are also known as TV brackets and TV mobile stands. There are many types of TV mounts being used in Singapore such as the full motion TV brackets, moveable TV brackets, fixed TV mounts, tilt TV mounts and Swivel TV mounts. Each of these TV brackets caters to different TVs and hence, criteria such as the type of TV, the weight and your requirements need to be taken into consideration before calling up the TV mount installation company.