Tilting TV Mounts – How Do I Use Them?

  • January 10, 2019

Tilting TV Mounts – How Do I Use Them?
TVs are great with the fact that they can be made even more versatile with the use of TV mounts. These are wall mounts that are used to affix a TV to any wall you like, be it to put the TV into a more prominent position for more people to be able to see the content on the screen, or to just lift the TV off the ground in order to free up more space to use the freed-up space more efficiently. In this article, we will be looking at a particular type of TV mount, the Tilting TV mount. What is a Tilting TV Mount? A Tilting TV mount is one of the most common TV mounts that people will use. It is basically just like a fixed TV mount, which is very near to the wall to present a nice and flat look, but the Tilting TV mount also includes a little motion with the fact that the TV mount can be tilted up and down. One of the main reasons that people go for this mount is because of the combined benefits of both the fixed TV mount where the screen is flushed nicely with the wall, while also offering a small range in the tilting motion. What can I use the Tilting TV Mount for? Tilting TV mounts have some uses in its tilting motion. Most obviously, the tilting TV mount allows for an up and down tilting that allows for a better viewing position. This works best if you want to mount the TV on a higher position, but need the TV to be tilted down to allow for better view of the screen. Another great use for a tilting TV mount is a subtler one. This is when you need to attach more cables to the back of your TV, and you need space for your hands to be able to fit behind the tight space of your TV. This is a great mount to invest in for the future.

Where can I get a Tilting TV Mount?

Being one of Singapore’s leading TV bracket supply and installation specialists, Tiger Mount is a great place to approach to get a Tilting TV mount. Tiger Mount provides a range of different sizes of tv mounts for your choosing, from the small size for smaller and lighter screens to the medium, large and extra-large sizes, scaling up as the tv size goes up, to allow for a greater range of different televisions to be able to be mounted. The whole process of getting the gas strut tv mount is extremely easy as well. As Tiger Mount is a TV bracket supplier, as well as installation specialists, it basically means that what you are getting are the best prices, as well as the best service. Simply just get a quotation by looking for Bryan Tang at +65 9424 6649, and let the professional and efficient services of the friendly folk at Tiger Mount handle the rest! You won’t regret it!
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