TV Brackets and Drywall in Singapore: A BTO Mounting FAQ

  • September 5, 2021

It’s no secret nowadays that BTOs in Singapore are shifting to cheaper, faster prefab construction methods. The result is a proliferation of homes with walls made completely of drywall–that is, plasterboard made from compressed gypsum, backed and reinforced by wooden beams called “studs”. 

As anyone who has lived in an older flat will tell you, these drywalls are a far cry from the solid concrete or cinderblock walls of older estates, both in terms of solidity and physical properties (for example, certain kinds of paint won’t work on it). 

However, one of the specific concerns with regards to drywall is how to approach mounting a TV bracket on it. Our experts at Tigermount have answered these frequently-asked questions for you.

  1. How does mounting a TV bracket on drywall differ from regular wall mounting?

Regular wall mounting is a simple matter of drilling holes and driving in nails or screws to hold a TV bracket to the wall, with the solid wall taking the weight of the TV bracket. However, drywall does not have weight tolerance, and is too brittle to even hold a weight without flaking or crumbling, taking the hung object with it. Mounting a TV bracket on drywall therefore presents more challenge in terms of technique and equipment required.

  1. What equipment is needed for drywall mounting?

For drywall mounting, the most fundamental pieces of special equipment you will need, in addition to basic tools like a power drill, are a stud finder, to ensure you’re anchoring your TV bracket in a solid stud rather than empty wall panel, as well as drywall anchors, which are specialised anchors that spread out the weight of the TV bracket across the drywall panel. 

Drywall anchors are useful if you are not able to anchor your TV bracket into a solid stud for any reason, as it enables your wall to take the weight of the TV and bracket, if it isn’t too heavy.

  1. Should I mount my TV bracket on drywall myself?

Unless you’re good with your hands, or done D&T in school, or come from a similar background, we strongly recommend that you don’t try mounting your TV bracket yourself. If you mis-mount it, or the mounting was insufficiently secure, it will not only lead to the destruction of a section of your wall as the TV rips out of it, it will also quite likely lead to the much costlier destruction of the TV itself as well. 

For TV bracket mounting done right in Singapore, engage experts such as our consultants from Tigermount for safety, quality and peace of mind.

  1. Do I need any special kind of TV brackets for drywall?

The short answer is no. A TV bracket that works on a solid wall will also work on drywall. However, to make doubly sure, you’ll want to minimise load on the wall as much as possible, and that means finding solid yet lightweight frames and brackets. Choose from our range of lightweight TV brackets made from high-quality steel for options that can take the weight of your TV without contributing too much weight itself.

With these most common questions about TV bracket mounting in Singapore answered for you, we hope you now have a clearer picture of how you need to approach drywall mounting in Singapore. Remember, if you’re in doubt, always leave it to our experts at Tigermount to ensure your TV bracket mounting is done right on the very first try, and is solid enough to last a lifetime.