TV Brackets: How Do I Know Which One Fits My TV and Room Best?

  • September 15, 2021

With space at a premium in increasingly smaller HDB flats in Singapore, more and more consumers typically mount their television sets on the wall instead of taking up valuable shelf or console space. 

However, with the sometimes bewildering array of different TV brackets available in the market, especially when offered by comprehensive brands like Tigermount, it can be hard for an amateur buyer or first time home owner to navigate the choices and figure out what’s best for his or her home.

However, this complexity can be reduced by asking the right questions, and we’ve provided 3 key questions here that can go a long way towards narrowing down the ideal choice for your TV bracket.

What Is My VESA sizing?

First of all the most direct factor affecting your choice of TV bracket is your TV’s VESA sizing. VESA sizing is a universal standard that sets a range of preset distances between screw mounting holes on your TV, ensuring that any TV bracket you buy from any brand should be able to fit it, so long as you buy the right size. 

For obvious reasons, you will need to buy a TV bracket whose VESA size matches your TV’s fixed screw mounting positions. To find out the VESA size, simply measure the horizontal and vertical distances between screw holes in millimetres.

VESA sizes are also intended to cater to the weight of the TV, so you can be assured that a TV bracket with the right sizing for your TV will also be a TV bracket that can take its weight.

Where Is My TV’s intended position?

Another thing to consider is where your ideal location for positioning the TV is. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but if you intend to mount your TV higher than the anticipating viewing eye-line (e.g. at standing height although the TV is meant to cater to seated viewers), then you need a TV bracket that can tilt. Likewise, if you intend to mount your TV on the ceiling, you will need a ceiling mount. 

What Is The Range of Movement I Need?

Another major point of consideration is the purpose you intend for your TV–for static viewing, or for a range of possible viewing positions? If you need to view your TV from a range of positions, you may need different TV bracket options that cater to different needs. 

For instance, if your TV needs to be seen from both hall and kitchen, what you may be looking for is a TV bracket with a single arm mount that allows you to swing the TV a full 180 degrees to face the screen in different directions at need. 

Conversely, if all you need is a static viewing experience from your sofa, all you may actually need is a low-profile fixed TV bracket.

Bonus Question: Do I Really Know?

Ultimately, there are other factors that also go into selecting the right TV bracket for your usage beyond these basic 3 questions. If you’re unsure about whether you’re really making the best choice there is for your TV mounting, then you should instead speak to those who actually really know. 

With years of experience in offering and installing TV brackets for every conceivable purpose, configuration and venue, our experts at Tigermount know the right questions to ask, and the perfect TV bracket you need for your home. Get in touch with us today, and let us do the hard thinking for you!