TV Mount Recap: The Coolest TV Mount Types For 2022

  • January 25, 2022

With 2022 here at least, we’re all looking forward to a new year and hopefully a new beginning after the drama of the last couple of years. Of course, coping and getting by is only going to happen with a big, healthy dose of screen time to help give us hope or help us forget, and screen time calls for a nice, big TV screen, and of course, a good TV mount to install it so that we get the maximum viewing pleasure that also fits our lifestyle and tv watching patterns.

With that in mind, here’s our Tigermount analysis of the best TV mounts that are going to come roaring into 2022 with popularity as an increasingly at-home population starts investing in some good TVs and viewing setups.

1) The Single Arm Full Motion Mount

The single arm mount is probably the single most versatile kind of TV mount on the market (see what we did there?). Offering users a wide range of swivel movement (as much as 180 degrees) as well as a healthy amount of tilting movement (usually between 5 to 15 degrees each way), single arm TV mounts allow you to move around the house and still have your screen follow you so you don’t miss out on the show.

Watching in the hall? Retract the arm. Baking in the kitchen? Just swing the TV around for a look. For maximum mobility, there’s nothing like a Tigermount single arm mount.

2)  The Ceiling Mount

Why take up valuable wall space when you can suspend your TV from the ceiling? In 2022, we’re looking at more people exploring the use of ceiling mounts for their TVs at home, especially in the bedrooms where TVs are often watched while lying down. Being able to look up instead of craning your neck to look forward at the wall can really help your neck to get a good rest after a day of staring at phones and computers, instead of straining it further–and still giving you your Netflix fix.

3)  The Gas Strut TV Mount

Do you like silent, smooth operation and a sleek polished look? A gas strut TV mount may be what you’re after. Raise, lower, and tilt your screen as needed with the iPhone of the TV mount world, smoothly and effortlessly as its pneumatic operation and its sleekly designed casing give your beautiful flat screen HD TV the ultramodern look it deserves. Compatible with even the very biggest TV screens and still offering a relatively small footprint when retracted, the gas strut TV mount is best for TVs that are meant for positioning within TV cabinet recesses that don’t require the TV to be flat against the wall.

TV Mounts Galore

With more and more TV mounts, designs and materials in the market today, homemakers can get more creative about their TV placements and mounting methods. Thankfully at Tigermount, we’ve got it all in stock, to supply all of Singapore with its trending TV mounting needs.

Speak to us today not only to get mounting ideas and technical advice and recommendations, but also to get access to some of the most experienced TV mounting experts in the nation, to ensure that breaking your bank to get the dream TV and the ideal reno design for your living room will be complemented by affordable, dependable and completely reliable installation and mounting TV, done without hassle and for your peace of mind.

At Tigermount, we only install the best, with the best.