TV Mounts and Wifi Reception: How to Maximise your TV Connectivity

  • January 25, 2021

Given how little space most homes have in Singapore, it makes sense to mount your TV to free up TV console space, and to coincide with your living room’s design concept. However, mounting your TV close to the wall can also cause issues for your reception, and in today’s age where everyone has a digital Smart TV and depends on internet access for streaming, this is a real problem!

What can you do to mitigate the effects of wall proximity for your mounted TV? Here are some tips to help.

1)  Use a LAN port instead

The most surefire solution to patchy Wifi after you mount your TV would be to use a LAN connection instead of Wifi. Either run a LAN cable to the nearest port, bundled together with your other TV cables for neatness, or else have a LAN port installed next to your TV powerpoints to provide the necessary connectivity. This may come at some cost if your house or flat doesn’t already come with a LAN cable pre-installed and wired (but most new BTOs do at least), but it’s totally worth it for a stable connection!

2)  Relocate your router

Wifi connections, especially 5G connections, work with line of sight. At most, they can “turn” one corner. If there are too many obstructions between your router and your TV, all you might need to do is shift your router to have direct line of sight. Voila, connection restored!

3)  Install a WAP (wireless access point)

A WAP functions as a repeater, boosting the Wifi signal into places that the original router signal cannot reach. Simply plug in a WAP into a place with line of sight between both your router and your TV, and you will now have a stable connection as though you were connected to the router directly.

4)  Use a Full Motion Arm Mount

If having your TV mounted against the wall disrupts Wifi connectivity, then the solution is to…move it away from the wall. With Tigermount’s Single Arm and Double Arm Full Motion mounts, you can have the option of moving your TV outwards when watching it to improve its connection. And don’t forget, being able to pull your TV away from the wall also gives you better access to the ports and sockets at the back and sides of a flat screen TV!

Mounting your TV doesn’t mean sacrificing your Wifi signal. With the right kind of mount, you may not need to change your Wifi setup at all! Speak to our consultants at Tigermount to find a solution for your TV setup today!