TV Stands VS TV Mounts In Singapore: Which One Is Better For Your Home?

  • July 1, 2019

tv on oak stand
TVs are sort of a staple in the average Singaporean home. Be it HDBs, condominiums, bungalows or mansions, the one thing in common you’d find in each housing unit is a television. TVs can be found everywhere. TVs on tables, TVs mounted on walls, even TVs mounted on stands. Say you’re deciding between getting a TV wall mount and getting a TV stand installed in Singapore. How does one even decide on which to go for? What possible benefits could a wall mount provide that a TV stand could not and vice versa? And where can I possibly get this done without breaking the bank (and possibly my fingers)? We try and help you answer all that here.

TV Wall Mounts

What exactly is a TV wall mount? It’s basically a VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association)-approved device where you can mount your TV on walls. It’s neat and tidy because by installing a TV wall mount, you’re creating a little space behind the TV for all the unsightly and jumbled up wires to be kept out of sight. If you have your interior designer plan well enough, it’ll seem as if it’s just there operating without any wires, blend in seamlessly amongst your furniture and knick-knacks, complimenting rather then disrupting the whole theme of your interior design. You also install TV wall mounts for utility purposes. For one, any flat-screen TV HAS to be mounted. End of story. Flat screens were built with mounting in mind. They have special mounting holes in the back to allow for safe and easy installation. Most wall mounts are VESA approved, but you’ve still got to take note of the size of your TV and the proposed size for the mount. You can’t possibly expect to mount a 100-inch TV using a small TV wall mount now, can you? Talking about utility, another reason why TVs should be mounted would be space. If TVs were to be mounted, think about all the space you’ll be saving. TVs do take up space, and if it was chucked in almost any corner or space of a room, guarantee it would take up a sizeable amount of real estate that could have been put to better use, like a trampoline or something.

TV Stands

Here’s something that we don’t really see every day, not at home at least. There are 2 types of TV stands: the fixed table stands and mobile TV stands. Let’s talk about fixed ones first. Here in Singapore, fixed TV stand installation is pretty easy compared to the wall-mounted ones, there’s no doubt about that. The stand also doubles up as a cable management device, concealing messy cables and a platform where you can place your set-top box or gaming consoles. Due to the fact that it’s grounded and not mounted, it allows for easier access to wires and cables if the need ever arises, all the while ensuring that your TV is upright and straight. Design-wise, even though it might take up more space you could work around it by placing in on top of a nice vintage cabinet, which allows for small items to be kept. Style? Check. Utility? Check. Moving on to the mobile stands, these are the ones that we rarely catch a glimpse of in a typical Singaporean home, yet they may actually be one of the more practical devices around. With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, Netflix and YouTube, the usage of televisions have slowly diminished. As such, there is a possibility that in the near future, some people might opt to not get a TV for their future houses, or would rather keep the TV if it’s not in use. This is where the mobile stands come in. Instead of having the TV set up in a fixed place in the house, why not get a mobile tv stand installed so that you can pull it out and keep it as and when you want to use it? Think of all the possibilities you could do in a house without a fixed television! You could finally get that piece of art that you always wanted to be hung up. All in all, when we’re looking at which would be better, TV stands and TV mounts, we’ve got to consider the situation that we’re in. If our family doesn’t like to watch a lot of television or would rather watch our own shows on our own devices, a mobile TV stand would be better. But if TV time is family time, maybe a mounted TV would be better! Let Tiger Mount help you with your TV wall mounts or your TV stand installation in Singapore. In order to help us help you, feel free to give us a call at +65 9424 6649 so that we can understand your situation and help you to the best of our ability!