TV Wall Mounts To Consider

  • October 29, 2016

TV stands go for all types of plasma TVs and flat screen LCDs. This is great if you are looking forward to putting your flat TV in a cabinet. The truth is if this is done, the purpose is truly defeated. One of the major appealing characteristics of the plasma and flat screen TV is that it is thin and lightweight that you can easily hung or mount it on the wall like a MichaelAngelo painting. It’s also the best way to save more space. With this kind of TV screens you can do away with the awkward bulk that the old boob tube has. Most manufacturers don’t include TV wall mounts when selling TV screens. That’s why any TV buyer should buy the TV mount separately. There are a lot of wall mounts that are classified according to the sizes of TV screens. There are also TV wall mounts that have swivel capacity which enables you to direct the monitor to face wherever you like. Of course, there’s also the traditional fixed-mount type. Hence for TV wall mounting you have to think about the design. It might be that you want it fixed or flexible. Or perhaps you like it to be flat and discreetly mounted or you don’t mind if it protrudes a little bit. Imagine how your new TV would look like when it’s not in use. The most basic and the least expensive of all TV wall mounts is the flat mount. It attaches the TV to the wall flatly with just one inch for allowance. The flat mounts are designed for flat plasma TVs that are relatively wider than the others. There are also tilt mounts that tend to give you more room to move it upward and down to get in your line of sight and to enable you to adjust the screen according to the lighting in the room.