The Types of TV Brackets You Should Know About

The Types of TV Brackets You Should Know About

Buying a bracket is as challenging as buying a TV, you need to be aware of all the facts and properties of that particular mount. Singapore is a consumer-driven market and many of the things available in Singapore is influenced by the choices of people. The manufactures make sure that their customers have the best quality products according to their needs. That holds true in case of TV brackets, people choose their TV brackets carefully and you should too.

This is why we are going to provide all the details about the TV bracket in Singapore. You can use this as a reference for your next purchase of TV brackets. Now, let’s talk about it in reference to the Singapore market. There is a lot of product available that can great for your TV but you shouldn’t be looking at all of them. Only a select few will provide the best aesthetic and security for your TV. You have to consider a few things before buying a new bracket.

Well, the decision to buy a particular mount or bracket is influenced by many factors and type of the mount is certainly at the top. Let’s look at the top TV mounts or brackets available in the Singaporean market. This list will help in deciding which one to go for.

Let’s get started.

Type of TV Mounts or Brackets

Many people don’t know just how many different types of TV brackets there are available in Singapore. So before you decide to make your purchase, let us walk you through your options!

Fixed Mount

A fixed mount bracket is an ultrathin flat panel that keeps the TV as close to the wall as possible. Most Of the fixed panel mounts come with 29 mm width and in different sizes. Basically, the fixed mount comes in three sizes which are small, medium and large. Different sizes can accommodate different types or size TVs. These mounts can withhold the weight of around 60 kg (for the large amount). Unless you want your TV so close to the wall, we recommend you to use the full-motion mounts for extra features and the Aesthetics.

Tilting Mount

The tilting mount is perfect for people who are looking to tilt their TV at an angle. These types of mounts can accommodate most modern flat panels and have carrying capacity according to their sizes. Most of these mounts are VESA compliance and made from SPCC. You should buy this if you want to fix your TV a little higher on the wall. These mounts are considered as the low profile tilting mounts but the great thing about these is that they can handle more weight than full motion brackets.

The Full Motion Wall Mounts

These types of brackets give you the capability to pull your TV from the wall in the given direction. You can swivel it in any direction, which means that you can move it up, down or sideways. It is one of the best mounts available in the market, you can adjust the angle of your TV according to your convenience. These type of mounts comes handy for mounting the TV in the old cabinets or if you want to hide your TV when not in use. These type of wall mounts comes in two types which are single arm full motion and double arm full motion. Well, both have their own properties and both allow the users to swivel the TV in any direction they want.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts are especially great for saving space in your home. If you are the one who wants to utilize every corner of the room, you should go for the ceiling mounts. These are great and have a load capacity to accommodate a max of 68 kg TV. It can hold the TV of 70” and has a tilt of 15 degrees. These mounts are especially for the TV and occasionally for projectors. You wouldn’t go wrong with these types of mounts.

Now, you can choose any one of these to feature in your living room or bedroom. The full motion TV bracket and ceiling mount are the best from the list because they are aesthetically pleasing and saves some space as well. Choose the one which suits your needs and set the TV in a position which appeals to you.

TV Brackets Singapore

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