Why Should You Use a Mobile TV Stand? 5 Reasons to Consider

  • February 15, 2020

Though TV stands might look cumbersome in small homes or limited spaces, they are actually valuable tools when used for commercial purposes in Singapore. Being highly portable, they are easy to manoeuvre from room to room and place to place — making them ideal for offices, conventions, exhibitions and more. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though! We’ve rounded our 5 top reasons for you to consider a tv stand for your TV placement purposes, so keep reading!

1.   High Mobility

Mobile TV stands are great for if you need to showcase your projects to new clients at a trade show, for example. Instead of placing your TV monitor on a random furniture piece that might have an unsuitable viewing height, why not display your work in a professional manner with a TV stand? With four wheels, TV stands are highly versatile for moving across locations. Oh, and did we mention our TV stands’ lockable wheels yet? That’s right! With the locks on our wheels, you can secure your stand to the ground and ensure that your TV stand doesn’t shift out of place even in places of high traffic!

2.   Sturdy & Durable

Having to support heavy TV monitor screens, our TV stands at Tiger Mount are made with SPCC — cold-rolled steel of commercial-grade — making them long-lasting investments that extends your TV’s shelf life. Depending on the weight and dimensions of your TV set, our TV stands are able to hold a variety of screen sizes ranging from 32” inches up to 100” inches! Of course, if you aren’t sure of a suitable TV stand model, we offer free consultation services to ensure that your TV is safe within the stand’s weight limits.             An example of our 1.8m model holding a huge TV screen

3.   Fuss-free Installation

Wall-mounted TVs usually require a more complicated installation process that can include extra steps such as checking the structural integrity of the wall’s load-bearing capacity and calculating the optimal viewing distance. For some, a wall-mounted TV might be too troublesome or impractical due to drilling regulations if your space is rented. Our mobile TV stands offer just the same viewing experience of a wall-mounted TV — with less of the installation intricacies. Apart from factoring in the dimensions and weight of your TV set, there really isn’t any drilling to be done!

4.   Organized Setup

When you’re in the market for a TV stand, you should seek one with shelving that allows you to place additional electronics such as a laptop or DVD player. This is why our TV stands at Tiger Mount all have accompanying shelving units. To accommodate the size of your additional electrical appliance, this model even comes with an adjustable shelf. In addition, keep your eyes peeled for TV stands that have an internal cable management system. Having this additional feature ensures that your wires are tidy and hidden from plain sight, as well as protecting them from general wear and tear.

5.   Adjustable

Apart from the portability of TV stands, many of them are adjustable as well, offering features such as adjustable height and swivel functions to avoid glare from light in the room. Although these features aren’t the key selling points, they are definitely nice additions that enhance your audience’s viewing experience that wouldn’t be possible with a TV that is placed on furniture.

Reasons to get a Mobile TV Stand Singapore

TV stands are useful tools suitable for multiple settings — be it schools that have to share TV screens, hotels that display infommercials to guests in the lobby, or offices to inform employees of important updates in the workplace. The quality of your TV stand should not be compromised, given that you’ve likely to have spent a fortune on a big TV monitor screen. Browse our full range of mobile TV stands for your setup needs and preferences. At Tiger Mount, we offer TV stand installation services in Singapore to ensure the safety of your TV and the people around the stand. If you’d like to find out more about TV stands in Singapore, have a chat with our professional consultants at 9424 6649, or drop us an email at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com!