Wall Mount or Stand? Key Questions to Ask Yourself

  • January 15, 2022

TVs don’t always stand by themselves, and when they do because you used the stock TV stand that came in the box, they may not stand at the ideal height or lend themselves to the available placement locations. At times like this, you want to increase your options as to where to place your TV. Hence you begin to consider: Should I mount my TV on a wall mount, or on a TV stand? 

Each method has its merits and drawbacks. But which suits you better? Here are some crucial questions you can ask yourself to help you decide whether a TV stand or a TV wall mount might make more sense for you.

  1. Where Is Your TV Going To Be Situated?

The first and most important question is where you intend to place your TV. Is it a home location? Or is it meant for an office? Your choice of wall mount or stand may depend on the design and use of the location the TV is meant to be in. 

  1. How Permanent Do You Want Your Setup To Be?

The location of your TV will lead to the question of how permanent you want your setup to be. Offices tend to be more changeable–layouts are often changed, and many also move to other premises often. This often also means the need to reinstate the office space. In such a situation, it may make more sense to keep your TV on a stand. 

On the other hand, if your TV is meant at home, where space usage tends to be more fixed, you can certainly explore using a more permanent position for your TV, and mount it on a wall via a wall mount. 

  1. How Good At DIY Are You?

If you plan to use a wall mount to mount your TV, doing it at home may mean you want to try a DIY approach by yourself. The next question you will want to ask yourself then, is how good at DIY you are. If you are a seasoned home improver, then by all means carry on. However, if you have little to no experience in doing so, you may want to get some help instead of trying to do it by yourself, or go for a TV stand instead. After all, a botched wall mount installation will not only damage your TV, but also your wall! 

  1. Where Does Your TV Need To Be Seen?

TV wall mounts today are very versatile, with mounts with movable arms affording you a very wide range of viewing angles and movements, ranging from tilting to swivelling. However, ultimately that may not be enough for your expectations for TV viewability. Wall mounts tie your TV to a single point in space. If you need your TV to be seen from multiple rooms or areas (such as in different meeting rooms), it may make more sense to get a TV stand on wheels that allows your screen the mobility it needs, rather than fixing it in one place.

Getting The Right TV Mount Installed

When you look for a TV mount, it’s important to ask yourself these questions to narrow down what kind of mount you might be looking for, and what kind of dimensions and properties they should have in terms of height, size, and mobility. For the fastest, easiest decision process, it makes better sense to speak to the experts on these–Tigermount. 

With years of experience in matching TV mounts to spaces and uses, as well as in installing them for long-term peace of mind and unbeatable stability and sturdiness, Tigermount can help you arrive at the right decision for your needs, and ensure your TVs are mounted to your satisfaction.