What Are VESA Mounts and Is Your Monitor Compatible?

  • January 9, 2024

VESA Mount | Tiger Mount

Vesa mounts gained massive traction over the past few years for both enthusiasts and professionals. These mounts make it easier to attach compatible monitors, TVs, or other display devices to various fixtures such as wall mounts, desk mounts, or articulating arms.

While many monitors are compatible with VESA mounts, there are still a few exceptions. 

Therefore, before you go ahead and purchase a VESA mount, you should do your due diligence beforehand. This article will detail everything there is to know about Vesa mounts, including how to check their compatibility.

Do All Monitors Come with VESA Mounts?

The prevalence of VESA mounts in the market holds significant weight for consumers who prioritise versatility in monitor placement. 

Over time, these mounts have become a standard feature in many monitors. However, it is important to note that not every display comes equipped with this option. This is why you need to closely examine some factors that influence manufacturers’ decisions when it comes to VESA mount inclusion.

Factors that Influence VESA Mount Inclusion

Manufacturers incorporate several considerations when they decide whether to incorporate VESA mounts into their monitor designs. The intended use case scenarios stand out as an essential factor that guides manufacturers in the alignment of a monitor’s functionality with the diverse expectations of end-users. 

Beyond functionality, cost implications and design esthetics play a vital role in the availability of VESA mounts in monitors. Manufacturers find themselves at a crossroads. On one side, they weigh the economic feasibility of incorporating VESA mounts. On the other side, they consider the desire for sleek and visually appealing designs. They also aim to cater to both the practical needs of users and the aesthetic preferences that have become increasingly important in the world of consumer electronics.

How to Check for VESA Mount Compatibility

If you want to optimise your monitor setup with VESA mounts, you first need to figure out whether it’s compatible or not. Start by the inspection of the product manual or official product website for VESA pattern specifications. Typically, you will find the information expressed as a set of numbers (e.g., 100×100, 200×200). These specifications outline the mounting hole configuration on the back of the display.

To ensure a seamless fit, make sure to measure the distance between these mounting holes. This step guarantees alignment with the VESA pattern of the mount. Once you gather all of this data, you can confidently explore all the VESA mounts available in the market.


The presence of VESA mounts in monitors adds flexibility to users’ computing environments. Although not every monitor comes equipped with this feature, it will most likely take you less than 10 minutes to figure out if your monitor is compatible. 

If you are still struggling with figuring out the compatibility, you can always seek guidance from our professional TV installer at Tiger Mount. A free consultation with our expert can provide personalised insights, which ensures that the chosen monitor integrates into the desired space.