What’s So Good About Tilting TV Mounts?

  • April 25, 2021

Tilting TV Mounts are one of the most common kinds of TV mounts available in Singapore. They offer a great deal of functionality in one compact frame, and are known for being able to support a wide range of TV sizes and weights. However, with so many other kinds of TV frames available in the market, such as the basic fixed mount and full motion TV mounts, it may be hard to see what’s good about tilting mounts compared to these other types. We’ll tell you the advantages of tilting TV mounts here.

What is a Tilting TV Mount?

A tilting TV mount is a TV mount that permits vertical tilting of a TV screen, up and down within a certain range, allowing the angle of the TV screen to be varied according to the position of the viewer. It permits the TV to cater to both a seated and standing posture, and permits its placement at higher or lower heights than normal if design considerations require it.

Advantages of Tilting Mount vs Fixed & Full Motion TV Mounts

  1. Movement Range

The tilting TV mount can tilt up to 25 degrees up and down, and is a nice middle ground between fixed mounts, which cannot move at all, and full motion TV mounts, which provide a full 90-degree range of motion in all directions. If you don’t need that much movement, the tilting mount is perfect.

  1. Flexibility in Positioning

Unlike the fixed mount, which requires the TV to be mounted exactly front and centre for the viewer’s comfort, the tilting TV mount permits the TV to be mounted either higher or lower than usual, which is sufficient for most residential purposes.

  1. Profile

Although the tilting TV mount has a smaller movement range than the full motion TV mount, it has a lower profile than the full motion mount as the latter’s extendable arm takes up space, making the TV protrude further forward than the tilting mount.

  1. Cost

With more moving parts and engineering, the full motion TV mount typically costs more than the tilting TV mount, so getting a tilting TV mount can help you save a lot if you don’t intend to swivel your TV 90 degrees in any direction. 

Tilting TV Mounts: The Right Balance

Tilting TV mounts are a good balance point between immovable fixed mounts and the more costly though capable full motion mounts. They usually offer enough movement for home uses, and would be a great accessory for your home theatre setup. With the addition of expert advice and installation by our specialists here at Tigermount, your tilting TV mount will give you durable, reliable movement for years to come! Get in touch with us today to order your tilting mount today!