Which TV Wall Mount is Best for your Family Home?

  • March 5, 2021

With the sheer variety of TV wall mounts out there for your home today, there are plenty of choices available for your TV mounting needs at home. But how do you choose which one fits your living room, or bedroom, best? Here’s a simple checklist of which TV mount is best for what.

Fixed Mount

The simplest TV mount is a fixed wall mount. Basically a simple plate bolted to your wall, the fixed TV mount, as its name implies, does not allow any movement, keeping your TV looking straight forward. However, in exchange for the rigidity, you get minimalism. The fixed mount gives your TV the flattest profile of all TV mounts, and if you hide your cables in the wall, it could be even flatter still. However, given its fixed direction, it can only be installed immediately opposite your seat, at eye level.


Unlike the fixed mount, a tilting mount permits you to tilt your TV up and down, adjusting the viewing angle to suit its location. This permits you a wider range of positions for your TV–you don’t need to install it at eye level if the space does not allow! A tilting mount is great for you if you want flexibility in where you position your TV, but still want the low profile of a fixed mount.

Full Motion

If what you need is greater flexibility of movement, what you’d want is a full motion TV mount, which allows you to pull the TV away from the wall and swivel it left and right, as well as tilt it up and down. This gives a great range of motion that allows you to face the TV in any direction you desire–invaluable if you want to watch Netflix both from the sofa and also the dining area! Full motion TV mounts come in single arm models, as well as double arm models for heavier screens.

Ceiling Mount

Although this isn’t a wall mount, a ceiling mount also bears mentioning. Mounting your TV on the ceiling may not be common in a house, but it can be incredibly useful if you want to watch TV from bed without craning your neck! A TV suspended from the ceiling allows the highest visibility from anywhere in the house, as well as a comfortable viewing angle if you’re lying in bed and lazing around.

Choose the Right Mount

Choosing the right TV mount for your house can make a huge difference in comfort and functionality. If you’re not sure of what’s best for your family home, get in touch with our expert consultants at Tigermount to find the best fit for your needs!