Firstly, you need to check on the VESA Measurement of your TV, by finding the model of your TV online and search for the specifications of VESA Mount Compatibility. Alternatively, measure the mounting hole dimensions manually from left to right and top to bottom, for example 200mm from left to right and 200mm from top to bottom, hence 200 x 200mm.TVs sold in Singapore are usually of VESA standards, hence if your TV is purchased in Singapore, our mounts are definitely suitable.

Check on the weight capacity either through the specifications that came with the TV or search online.

The 3 common types of TV mounts we usually recommend are:

  • Fixed bracket – Basic bracket which is in a fixed position. It is not able to tilt up/ down or turn left/ right, and is kept close to the wall.
  • Tilting bracket – Basic bracket which is able to only tilt up/ down.
  • Single arm /Double arm brackets – This bracket allows the most movement while being mounted to the wall.It can be pulled out from/ pushed in towards the wall, tilt up/ down and turn left/ right. Single or double arm will also depend on the size and weight of your television.


*Please do not compromise the size of your bracket for a big and heavy television. It is very dangerous if the TV bracket is undersized for big screens, as it can result in off alignments or even falling from the wall.
If you are facing this issue, do not hesitate to reach us at 9424 6649 for professional advice and technical support.

Vesa 200x100

Ensure that children are being tended by an adult, so that they do not run around, as it can be quite dangerous during installation.

It takes about 30 minutes as it requires proper alignment and ensuring that the TV is tuned properly to show the programmes.

With proper installation holding a TV within its weight limit and kept indoors, it should be able to last a lifetime.

  1. Your room will be more spacious
    • If you have limited floor or wall space, a TV mount can create more free space.
    • 1 less furniture in your viewing area and easier to clean.
  2. Safety
    • The risk of your flat screen LCD or plasma TV getting damaged is lesser as it reduces chances of the screen being touched or hit by an object. Plug in cables and wires are also kept properly and conveniently.
  3. Viewing Angle
    • You will have the luxury of watching your favourite TV shows from different angles without any reduction in picture quality!

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