5 Things to Consider When Installing Your TV Bracket


television bracket to mount on wall

In the past, televisions used to be cumbersome and take up a lot of space in your HDB flat or condo–and we all know what a struggle it is to save space in these situations! But TVs have always been a huge part of our lives and is so important when you’re entertaining guests as well.

So the fact that most TVs are now extremely thin makes purchasing a TV wall mount bracket in Singapore so straightforward, means that you can save an incredible amount of space, while also enjoying the practicalities of taking up less space, they also improve the quality of viewing as well as being aesthetically pleasing. It all seems very straightforward, but when it comes to TV installation in Singapore, there are some things that you still need to consider.

1.    Where should I mount my TV Bracket?

Where to place your TV wall mount bracket is something that takes much consideration. The first point to consider is if you want to make the TV a showpiece or focal point in your room. If it is a focal point, it wants to be placed centrally, ideally on a wall which isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. Reflection on the screen will diminish the viewing experience, so this should, where possible, be avoided. If you are less concerned about it being a focal point, placing it in a corner will be a better alternative although you will probably need a full-motion arm bracket.

The optimum viewing distance is the size of the TV divided by 0.55. For example, a 42 inch TV should be 76 inches (193cm) away.

2.    What is your wall made from?

When it comes to TV installation in Singapore, you need to be aware of what the wall that you will be affixing it to is made of. Brick walls are much strong but may require specialist fittings while a stud wall may mean that there are the size and weight restrictions on the size of the TV. A stud finder will also be required to ensure that the mounting is securely attached. Here at Tiger Mount, we can advise you on the most appropriate fitting as well as placement of the bracket.

3.    Height

The height of the TV is critical to the viewing experience. It is crucial that when measuring the optimum height for the TV, the measurement should be taken from the floor to the centre of the TV. The ideal height of the TV depends on the screen size:

  • 42 inch – 56 inches (approx. 107cm)
  • 55 inch – 61 inches (approx. 140cm)
  • 65 inch – 65 inches (approx. 165cm)
  • 70 inch – 67 inches (approx. 178cm)

4.    Different types of bracket

As a professional TV installation company in Singapore, we stock a wide selection of different brackets. If the wall bracket is not appropriate, we have mobile TV stands, and table TV stands as well as ceiling mounted brackets. However, for most people, TV wall-mounted bracket is most appropriate, and at Tiger Mount, we stock four variations:

  • Fixed Mount – Ideal for TVs that will be the focal point of the room
  • Tilting Mount – Reduces any problems relating to reflection
  • Single Arm Full Motion – perfect for smaller TVs placed in corners
  • Double Arm Full Motion – an alternative for larger TVs that are situated off-centre in a room

5.    Hide cables

The aesthetics of any room are crucial so hiding unsightly cables where possible is very important. It is perhaps one of the main reasons why you will want to have the bracket professionally installed. Most fittings include attachments that mean that cables can be stored out of sight. In most instances where this isn’t an option, there will be room between the TV and the wall bracket where a neatly bound bunch of cables can be stored.

Installing Tv Wall Mounts in Singapore

If you require a high-quality TV wall mount bracket in Singapore or any assistance with TV installation in Singapore, please feel free to reach us at +65 9424 6649, and we will help you answer any of your TV-related questions and even get your mounts installed!