Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Full Motion TV Mount

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A full-motion TV wall mount in Singapore is a necessity for many homes. Having a full-motion TV bracket means that you can adjust your TV to where you are sitting, the number of people in the room or even the time of day. To put it simply, they provide flexibility and simplicity, things that everyone in Singapore appreciates. The TV can easily be stowed away when not in use and then be adjusted for viewing to suit your own personal taste.

Different Types of Full Motion TV Bracket

Here at Tiger Mount, we stock an extensive range of different full motion TV wall mounts in Singapore. Naturally, the type of full-motion TV bracket that you choose will depend very much on the size of your TV, the design of your home, how seatings are arranged and how you see people potentially gathering around to watch television.

The added flexibility of a full-motion wall mount in Singapore makes them far more appealing than other forms of wall fittings such as fixed and tilting mounts, and they’re also really easy to hide, so they won’t disrupt the interior design of your home while adding tons of functionality to your Tv screen.

But with all the talk of how much a full motion tv mount can change your entertainment experience, it’s also important to know the different sorts of mount brackets, and which one is the one you should invest in!

Single Arm Full Motion TV Bracket

We stock two sizes of single-arm, full-motion TV bracket which as medium and large. The medium-sized model is suitable for 32” to 55” models while the large is more suited to 40” to 70” flat panel display models. Both are capable of oscillating up to 180° and can tilt between -5°/+15° on the large model and -5°/+8° on the smaller version.

Double Arm Full Motion TV Bracket

The double-arm, full-motion TV bracket comes in four different sizes, ranging from small to extra large. Although the movement is restricted to a slight degree both in terms of oscillation and tilt but are far more robust and will securely hold large TVs with the extra-large model having a load capacity of 90.7kg. Due to the double arm feature, they can be moved further away from the wall for your viewing benefit.


A full-motion TV wall mount in Singapore is suitable for almost any wall. A stud finder should be used on a stud wall to establish where brackets can be placed securely while if the fitting is to be affixed on a brick wall, some minor adjustment may be required. The weight of the TV should also be taken into account in the context of the wall. These forms of Tv bracket are ideal for corner fittings, but care should be taken to ensure that other walls or obstacles don’t restrict the movement.

There is no reason why these forms of bracket can’t be used centrally on flat walls although it may be worth considering fixed or tilting mounts. As with all fittings, the height from the floor and the viewing distance are all important aspects that need to be considered. As a professional company, we will be happy to discuss your requirements to ensure that you get a bracket that is most suited to your room and property.


There are many advantages with having a full-motion TV bracket, but arguably flexibility is the biggest attraction. If you have a smaller room, the TV can sit closely to the wall when not in use but can be conveniently moved for viewing. It will be secure as well as being aesthetically pleasing and be an excellent complement to any room. With space-saving devices being very much in vogue in Singapore, these types of TV bracket are the obvious choice.

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