4 TV Installation Ideas in Singapore For Business Spaces

tv installation for business

If you’re running a business in Singapore, you’d understand the importance of having a TV in your space. Whether it’s to facilitate discussions for your team projects with a TV mobile stand or to screen infomercials for your customers at a restaurant, we round up TV stand installation ideas for 4 business types to give you an idea of how a TV fits perfectly into your business space in Singapore.

1.   F&B Restaurants: Tilting Mounts

For cafes and eateries, having a digital monitor mounted to the ceiling enables your customer to quickly glance through your food and drink offerings available and speeds up the food ordering process. Furthermore, the editing process also becomes easier when you want to update your menu on the latest offerings – instead of constantly reprinting your menu banners or writing them by hand. Our Tilting Mounts instantly help your restaurant achieve a modern look to attract your customers. With an adjustable tilt of -5°~ +15°, you can easily have it fine-tuned to your business needs.

Tilting Mounts


2.   Spas & Beauty Salons: Fixed TV Mounts

On the other hand, if you’re a beauty salon or spa owner, having a TV screen mounted to advertise your beauty services helps your patrons to better understand the treatment processes. For instance, you can put a playlist of your offered beauty services, testimonials from satisfied customers, and features on news etc. to pique the interest of passing customers in front of your store’s shopfront. A common TV mount solution for such purposes is just a simple fixed TV mount. Available in small, medium, and large, our TV brackets can accommodate most TV weights and sizes. With our professional installation services, you can rest assured that your TV monitors won’t be falling off the walls!

3.   Tuition Centres: TV Mobile Stands

If you’re a small-scale tuition centre with limited funds to install TVs in all your classrooms, a TV mobile stand makes for a great addition to your business. As the TV is installed and mounted onto a stand with wheels attached, you can easily shift the TV monitor from classroom to classroom to screen educational videos and tutorials to enhance your students’ learning experience! All of our TV mobile stand models come with a shelf which you can easily place a DVD player or a laptop on to organize your setup.

TV Mobile stands


4.   Arts and Entertainment: Projector Ceiling Mount

The arts and entertainment industry often involves captivating visuals to showcase the work of talented artists and performers to large audience sizes. Usually, projectors are used to display such creative works. If you’re looking for one, our Universal Projector Ceiling Mount makes an excellent choice for your needs. Suitable for a broad range of projectors, this projector ceiling mount even comes with an internal cable management system to hide unsightly wires out of sight. Installation of your projector to this ceiling mount is simple, featuring a unique release mechanism that allows for easy maintenance of your projector equipment.

Getting a TV Bracket or a TV Mobile Stand in Singapore

No matter the business industry you’re in, TV monitors are extremely common and for good reasons — they help to advertise your products and services to existing and potential customers, inform people of announcements to your business and so on. If you’ve decided to mount your TV to the wall using a TV bracket, or simply have it perched on a TV mobile stand, feel free to consult our dedicated sales team at Tiger Mount in Singapore at 9424 6649 or email us at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com!