Is TV Wall Mounting Expensive? Cost of Installing a TV in Singapore

TV mounted in a modern minimal living room

Minimalistic-looking, space-saving, and clutter-free. That’s the magic of a wall-mounted TV for your living space! For many homeowners, one of the biggest concerns would be the cost of TV installation in Singapore. Due to the specialised nature of the task, we tend to think that services for TV installation in Singapore would be exorbitant. However, it’s actually so much more affordable than you think! In this quick guide, we’ll uncover the nitty-gritty cost details of installing a TV in Singapore.

Basically, we’ll touch on the cost of:

  1. Buying the TV Bracket
    1. The Size & Weight of Your TV
    2. The Functions of Your TV Bracket
  2. Getting a Professional to Install The TV Bracket in Singapore
  3. Reinforcement For Your Walls

1.   Buying the TV Bracket

Once you’ve bought your shiny new TV, it’s time to look for a TV bracket in Singapore that fits the size and weight of your TV’s specifications, which is found in your TV’s accompanying manual. When you’re comparing your options, be sure to check the maximum weight that the TV bracket supports, as different TV bracket brands may have different weight restrictions despite being able to fit your TV’s size due to the quality and build of the TV bracket. By checking your load capacity, you can ensure proper installation for your TV. This is important for the safety of your TV as it prevents it from falling off the wall! For example, our fixed mounts have the following specifications:

Fixed Mount TV Bracket Size Small TV BracketsMedium TV BracketsLarge TV Brackets
Flat Panel Display Size 17” – 37” 32” – 55” 40” – 65”
VESA Compliance 75*75mm 100*100mm 200*100mm 200*200mm 100*100mm to 400*400mm 100x100mm to 600x400mm
Load Capacity 18.2 KG 27.3KG 68.2KG

The functionality of your TV bracket should also be considered. For instance, if your home space is limited, you may want to install a full-motion TV bracket that has a single/double arm which can pull the TV out of the wall, swivel in whichever direction you want, and tilt up or down no matter where you are in your living space so you can watch your favourite TV shows! Depending on the purpose of the TV bracket you’re seeking, the cost of the TV bracket would thus differ.

2.   Getting a Professional to Install the TV Bracket in Singapore

Improper installation of a TV bracket poses a high risk — not only to your TV, but to your family members at home as well. For instance, a large TV mounted with a small TV bracket can fall off and injure young children at home. Consulting an experienced technician to install your TV bracket on the wall is thus the best solution. Not only will they provide the best advice for a comfortable and ergonomic viewing height or position, but you can also have a peace of mind that accidents won’t happen to your loved ones because of a botched DIY installation project. According to SGHomeneeds, the general cost of TV bracket installation in Singapore ranges between $50 to $90.

3.   Reinforcement For Your Walls

No matter the size and weight specifications of your TV, you should always verify the structural integrity of your walls before mounting your TV and the TV bracket. For instance, you’ll need to know whether the walls are load-bearing or non-load bearing. Accordingly, a professional technician will be able to advise you if your walls need wood reinforcements to strengthen the walls or a special drill to mount your TV onto uncommon materials such as marble.

Install Your TV With Wall Mounting Services in Singapore

Achieving a decluttered TV look can be done easily by consulting the services of our experienced professionals at Tiger Mount. Browse our wide range of TV brackets and mounts of varying sizes to find one that fits your TV’s dimensions! If that’s too much of a hassle, you can always ring our sales team at your convenience at 9424 6649 to find the best audiovisual mounting solutions for your home, or drop us an email at to find out more today!